Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle Product Review
I recently picked up one of Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridles. I did a bit of research and liked the product reviews for this
bitless bridle, and I also liked the way it purported to work. I have used it on my horse for about a month now and
so far, I am quite pleased with the results.

At first, we had some trouble with head-shaking, but it turned out I did not have the bridle adjusted correctly. The
nose band was too low and probably restricting his airway or causing some discomfort.

Typically, my Thoroughbred is difficult to stop and/or slow down. He loves to grab the bit and run. Perhaps this has
more to do with the fact that I am not a trainer and I am certainly not the best rider in the world. But I have found
that he stops much easier with this bitless bridle. He also seems happier and more at ease when I put the bridle on
and when I'm riding him. ---- Kelly
I bought the Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle over a year ago, and my horse
has not had a bit in his mouth since.  There was no special transition
period for us—the aids are the same as for a regular bit and
bridle—and my horse responded very well the very first time I put it on him.  
It was especially impressive in that my horse had been on stall rest
and hand-walking for five months prior to my putting it on him.  And, I
might add that I am an intermediate rider with only a couple of years’
experience.  After reading the how-to manual on the Bitless Bridle
website, I  printed  enlargements of some of the photos that show a
correctly fitted Bitless.  I used them to guide me in exactly where to place
the noseband, and also how to attach the reins.

I  rode first in the indoor arena, then an outdoor arena, and then took
to the trails.  In all situations my horse seemed comfortable with the
Bitless and did not buck, rear or tear down the trail. Soft hands are a
must, though, as it is the pressure that communicates with the horse,
as well as seat and leg aids.  I love the fact that it is so well made
and easy to care for—it can be hosed off or swished around in a bucket
of water.   Most of all, I love the fact that I am able to communicate
with my horse and feel him obey and respond without using a piece of
metal in his mouth. --- Sherri